Sanshou sparring, high jumping roundhouse kick - Tjong Tjhie vs Howie Leung Spear vs Staff, Shouyu Liang vs He Tao Sanshou sparring, Al Arsenault Dapeng Qigong, Wenching Wu and Shouyu Liang Tai Chi Push Hands, Shouyu Liang, Tony Chen Joint Control, Ayron Howey Xiao Hong, Xiao Yao Style Southern Style, Howie Leung Wushu Sword Sparring - Helen Liang and Maria Liang

Welcome to the IWSD official website

Grandmaster Shou-Yu LiangA note from the IWSD Chairman, Grandmaster Shou-Yu Liang

We welcome all martial artists, Qigong practitioners, and Taijiquan practitioners of all traditions and styles to work with us in preserving the value of all these arts.

As there is no one person or culture that is better than the next, there is also no one tradition or style of martial arts, that is better than the next. The only thing that distinguishes the quality of one tradition or system from another, is the hard work and effort invested by the individuals themselves. Regardless of the tradition or style that you currently practice, we welcome you, and look forward to a mutually beneficial learning and sharing experience.

The IWSD Association's goal includes unifying the strengths of the various martial arts and nurturing well-rounded martial artists. For nearly 3 decades, we have achieved and maintained a very positive reputation. We are a culture organization that focuses on research and learning. We don't expect everyone or each location to be the same. We encourage various approaches in developing the human potential, and research into life sciences as we train and practice martial arts and Qigong.

To continue our organization's continual positive development, we sincerely hope all of our affiliates and members will follow the national and regional rules and regulations, respect other sports and martial arts organizations, and to show humility in working and learning from others. All IWSD Association members are to strive to be the best examples of martial ethics, high levels of martial ability, and respected individuals.