IWSD Examination Fees

For examinations prior to reaching Black Belt, each affiliated school has the freedom of setting up its own fee schedule

For test and passing Black Belt level 1: USD 200
For test and passing Black Belt level 2: USD 200
For passing Black Belt level 3: USD 200
For Black Belt level 1-3, fees can be collected and official certificate can be conferred by each of the affiliated schools.

Application fee for Black Belt level 4-8 needs to be submitted to the headquarters. Please make cheque title payable to IWSD. Headquarters will file the application and confer an official certificate.

A fee of USD200 is applied if passing Black Belt level 4(Master's level 1)

For every additional level advancement for Masters who are Black Belt level 4 and above an additional USD 200 is applied on top of the USD200.

Advisors and honorary advisors who wish to receive certificates under this Black Belt system are welcome to make donations