Special Considerations

If you don't currently have a Guiding Instructor that is a member of the IWSD Association you may submit a rank review form without a Guiding Instructor's recommendation. Please submit all verifiable material containing your achievements past and present. A letter of recommendation from your instructor would be helpful in awarding your rank. An interview and demonstration of your ability may be required if your achievements are not verifiable. Rank reviews may also be conducted during any of the IWSD Association sanctioned activities.

We recognize the ranks of accomplished martial artist from Chinese Wushu, Judo, Karate, Tae Kwan Do, Aikido, Jujitsu, etc. The IWSD Association encourages you to continue your training in your style of martial arts and we welcome you to join the IWSD Association.

  • If you wish to transfer your rank to the IWSD Association ranking system, you are required to satisfactorily complete the requirements for the First Level Black Belt outlined in this handbook. That is, if you are currently a Third Degree Black belt in a Karate system, and you can satisfactorily complete and pass the test for the First Level Black Belt requirement, the IWSD Association will award you the Third Degree Black Belt rank in the IWSD Association.
  • If you have ranked Fourth Level Black Belt or higher in any recognized martial arts systems, and do not have the physical ability (due to age and/or special conditions) to participate in the IWSD Association training and testing, the IWSD Association may still respectfully award you with a rank for your accomplishments. Your rank in the IWSD Association, however, may be lower than your other system's rank depending on your special circumstances.